spheroVision® Northeast United States 

Options List  2013           


 Client Logo covering the Tripod                                               

Client Logo at Bottom of Pano                                                  

Client Logo at Bottom of Pano w/hyperlink                             


Additional thumbnails                                                                 

Tripod Removed                                                                           

High-Res JPG Picture for Posters                                           

Sound or Narration Added                                                       

Small or Large Zoom                                                                     

Pano-to-Pano Tour with Hotspots                                          

Video Pop-Up in Pano                                                                          

Picture Pop-Up in Pano                                                             

Picture Pop-Up in Pano w/hyperlink                                      

HTML5 conversion                                                                   

spheroVision USB Flash Drives                                              

Front Still                                                                                     

Pano Retouches                                                                       

Pop-out Menu                                                                            

Pano Website”                                                                      

Since our technology is continually evolving, there is really not anything now we cannot achieve in a pano as far as options.  We can even design a website inside a pano.